Solar Charge Controller

SolarAmp BG/ SolarAmp B/ SolarAmp B Auto Night Detection/
SolarAmp B For Lithium Battery/ SolarAmp mini/ DPLS-10

SolarAmp mini

  • NEW Up to 8.5A
  • NEW Reverse polarity protection
  • Night Light Control And Selectable Timers
  • Early Start Lighting Function
  • Unique Rate Timer
  • Self-Consumption Current Only 1mA
  • High Reliable Design From Japan
  • New Vertical Style Controller

Night Light Control and Selectable Timer

1. Normal Timer
Load ON 6, 8, 10, 12 or 14 hours of night time.

2. Dusk to Dawn
Load ON from dusk to dawn.

3. Rate Timer
The light is lighting only at the set rate, 40, 50, 60, 70 or 80% of night time. The setting does not have to be reset again even the night-time changes.

4. Night Light OFF
Load is always on.

Selectable Timer
Normal Timer
6,8,10,12,14 hours of Night Time
Dusk to Dawn
Load ON from Dusk to Dawn
Rate Timer
40, 50, 60, 70 , 80% of Night Time
Night light OFF
Load is always ON

Early Start Lighting Function

Self-Consumption Current Less Than 1mA

In the off-grid system, any power consumption should be the less the better. Because the commercial power is not available in off-grid systems, the electricity generated by solar is so precious. One of the advantages SolarAmp mini has is that its self-consumption is less than 1mA. With low self-consumption, SolarAmp mini leads the systems to be stabler and longer. The more controllers you use, the more merits you can achieve.
System Voltage
MAX Input Voltage
Solar Input Current
Load Current
Charging Method
Charging Voltage
Sealed : 14.1Vdc / Flooded : 14.4Vdc
AGM : 14.3Vdc / Gel : 14.0Vdc
Load Disconnect
Load Reconnect
Battery Types
AGM, Sealed, Flooded, Gel
Ambient Temperature Range
Temperature Compensation
Self-Consumption Current
◆The specifications are subject to change without notice.