Solar Charge Controller

Solar charge controllers achieve higher efficiency of batteries charging and protection of batteries against overcharging and over discharging. Our product lineup adopts pulse width modulation (PWM) technology. PWM technology is more electronically sophisticated. PWM adjusts charging rates depends on the battery's level, and allows the batterey to be charged closer to its maximum capacity. Denryo brings two models of reliable and unique charge controller,8.5A and 10A, from Japan.

SolarAmp BG

Solar Charge Controller: SolarAmp BG

Fully encapsulated in a special plastic case and meets waterproof and dustproof IP68.

SolarAmp B

Solar Charge Controller: SolarAmp B

The lightest 20A charge controller in the world. The size is just as tiny as a business card.

SolarAmp B

Solar Charge Controller: SolarAmp B Auto Night Detection

Auto Night Detection
The lightest charge controller equipped with auto night detection.

SolarAmp B

Solar Charge Controller: SolarAmp B For Lithium Battery

For Lithium Battery
The charge controller specialized to fit with the voltage of lithium batteries.

SolarAmp mini

Solar Charge Controller: SolarAmp mini

Solar charge controller with the world's least self-consumption current, less than 1mA.


Solar Charge Controller: DPLS-10

Solar charge controller for LED light system delivered by night light and dimming function.