Mergency Trailer


System Overview

An emergency response trailer with a stand-alone solar power system is specialized for rescue applications within 72 hours after the disasters happened. With the solar power modules, even disasters occurred it ensures the trailer has power to be used as temporary shelter and room for rescue. In peacetime, with obtaining power from external commercial power, the trailer is used as a temporary office in construction sites.The interior of the trailer can be customized freely depending on the applications. With cooking facilities, it is a cooking hub to provides food in emergency. The trailer is easily moving wherever on the ground by being towed by cars; it is often used as mobile catering.

System Diagram Example

System Diagram Example

System Components Example

Photovoltaic ModulesKK305P-5EL3CG
Solar Charge ControllerTS-45
Battery ChargerPANcharge1k
DC-AC InverterSK3000-124