Emergency Trailer

mergency Trailers

Through the power generated by solar power modules, the trailer delivers power during disasters occur and is used as an emergency shelter for refugees or a room for rescue.

Monitoring System

IoT Based Environment Monitoring System

It is an IoT based environment monitoring system working by a stand-alone solar power system. Applying to the meter machines such as water level indicator, collecting observing data and communicating from a remote location.

Bio toilet


The bio toilet sustains the landscape by building without wiring construction.

Communication Station


The off-grid power system is often installed in infrastructures such as communication stations or street lights.

Marine Industry

Floating solar pump

The off-grid power system is recommended to install in the areas difficult to access and maintain such as floating solar pump on the sea.


Electrified fence

The solar electrified fences protect the crops not to be damaged by wild animals.

Weather Monitoring


The off-grid system is often installed in mobile weather-monitoring systems or remote regional weather-monitoring systems.

Remote Area

Remota Area

The off-grid power system is often installed in remote areas where commercial power is not available.