Multiple Voltage Battery Charger

Selectable Voltage

PANcharge1k can charge the 12V, 24V, 36V, or 48V battery. The charging voltage can be set by one button easily.

Safety Design

PANcharge1k will not output and will not be damaged if the battery polarity is reversed, the battery voltage is different from the charging voltage, or the battery is not connected. It will operate normally if reconnect to the battery correctly.

With Input and Output Cable

The AC input cable* and DC output cable are included. Users can use PANcharge1k immediately after purchase. There is no need to buy cables separately.
*For 90-120Vac

Removable Handle and Rubber Feet

There is a handle on PANcharge1k so it is easy to carry. Since the handle and rubber feet can be removed, PANcharge1k is easy to store in a small space and be incorporated into the system.

Universal Input Voltage

The AC input voltage can be set either 90-120Vac or 180-240Vac by a switch.

Automatic 3-Stage Charge

After set the charging voltage and connected to the battery, PANcharge1k automatically control the 3-stage charging (Bulk, Absorption, Float) according to the battery voltage.

High Power Output

The rated power of PANcharge1k is about 1kW. A 12 or 24 volts, 300Ah battery can be full charged in half a day.


PANcharge1k can be used for various applications such as fishing boats, yachts, special vehicles, campers, automatic guided vehicles, and aerial work platforms.

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