Solar Charge Controller

Compact and Vertically Long Design

SolarAmp mini is designed to be palm-sized, lightweight, and vertically long. Because of the vertically long design, SolarAmp mini can be installed in a narrow space such as thin poles. Although SolarAmp mini is small, it is equipped with various functions such as night detection function, timer function, and recovery charging function.

The world's Lowest Self-Consumption Current

The self-consumption current of SolarAmp mini is less than 1mA. Compare to the same class controllers, it is the lowest one in the world. The low self-consumption current brings long-term stabilization and increases system performance.

Recovery Charging Function

SSolarAmp mini has a recovery charging function for over-discharged batteries. If the battery is over-discharged, SolarAmp mini work by the power from the solar cell and start charging. This function is effective for systems in places where daily maintenance is difficult, such as in the mountains and remote areas.
*Batteries that have failed due to reasons other than over-discharging cannot be recovered.

Night Detection Function

The night detection function detects dusk and automatically controls the output to the load. This is a convenient function for systems that operate only at night.

Selectable Timer Function

SolarAmp mini is with selectable timer function that provides 11 options.

Rate Timer

The existing controller’s timer function set hours, so the loads turn off earlier in winter than in summer. SolarAmp mini is equipped with a rate timer function that set the rate (%) of night time. The rate timer function makes loads turning off at about the same time in all seasons. There is no need to reset the timer when seasons changing. The function is useful for systems with fixed business hours, such as store sign lighting systems.

Early Start Lighting Function

The existing controller could not turn on loads unless the surroundings were completely dark. SolarAmp mini’s early start lighting function makes loads turning on before dusk earlier than existing controllers. The function is useful for traffic lighting systems or security system.

Malfunction Prevention

The existing controllers may turn on the loads due to the temporary cloudiness or the shadows (birds or trees, etc.) falling on the photovoltaic modules. SolarAmp mini is equipped with a malfunction prevention function makes loads turning on surely at night. The function prevents wasteful consumption of battery due to malfunction. High accuracy system is possible.

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