Quiet Sine Wave
DC-AC Power Inverter

Fanless Structure

DENRYO R&D staffs have reviewed the circuit and structure with zero based thinking methodology and designed the inverter without cooling fan successfully. Because of the fanless design, the DIASINE operate without noise and provides a quiet environment.


DIASINE® has achieved the lightest weight of 1.0kg and the smallest volume of 1.5L in the same output class of inverters. The height of DIASINE® is 44mm/ 1.7 inch (1U). The lightweight and small features reduce the system weight and size.

Various installation methods

DIASINE® can be mounted and fixed on a flat surface using the mounting parts that are sold on the open market.

LED Indicator

The settings, operating status, and error details are displayed in 6 colors of 3 LEDs.

Remote Control Function

DIASINE® is equipped with a remote connector that can be turned ON/OFF remotely. The remote control function is useful for embedded system.

Reverse Polarity protection

DIASINE® has the exclusively own built-in circuit of input reverse polarity protection. This circuit protects DIASINE® not to get damaged like most of existing inverters even if the battery is connected with reverse polarity. Moreover, the reverse polarity warning LED of DIASINE® lights immediately to inform the user the reverse polarity connection.

Wide Input Voltage Range

Since the input voltage range of DIASINE® is wide, batteries with a wide discharge voltage range can be used.

Wide Operating Temperature Range

Model GD300 can output 100% of rated power at the ambient temperature range from -20 to +40 degrees C. Model GD150 is -20 to +40 degrees C. If reduce the output power to 70%, DIASINE® can be used in the ambient temperature 60 degrees C.

Switchable Output Voltage and Frequency

The output voltage and frequency can be changed with the button. Therefore, DIASINE® can also be used in areas with different voltages and frequencies.

Output socket

The output 200Vac models are with the output socket and terminals that apply to all types of plugs around the world.

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