Weather Resistance
Solar Charge Controller

Waterproof and Dustproof

SolarAmp BG is fully encapsulated in a special plastic case and meets waterproof and dustproof IP68*.
*Tested in water at a depth of 5m for 1 hour.

High Weather Resistance

The operating temperature range is -40°C to +70°C, humidity range to 100% RH, which is for use in harsh environments.

High Toughness

Because the housing uses a flexible special plastic and fully encapsulated structure, SolarAmp BG is strong against impact.

Slim and Compact Design

The size is as small as a business card. Thanks to no terminals, the thickness is only 8.5 mm.

Easy to Install and Use

No installation settings are required. Automatically start after connecting the battery, photovoltaic module and DC load.

*Recommended cable size: #16AWG

Multicolor LED Indicator

Green, yellow, and red, three-colors LED indicates charging status, warning or error.

Low Self-Consumption

The low self-consumption current brings long-term stabilization and increases system performance.

Made in Japan

Both software and hardware are designed and manufactured in Japan.

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