High Reliability
Solar Charge Controller

The World's Most Compact Design

In the same class of 10A and 20A solar charge controllers, SolarAmp B is the lightest one in the world. The size is as small as a business card, and it takes less space than other ones in the control box.

Various Product Lineup

Seven models of products could be chosen, according to system voltage (12V/24V), current capacity(10A/20A), types of batteries and the function of auto night detection.
・SolarAmp B load always on
・SolarAmp B auto night detection
・SolarAmp B for lithium battery

Waterdrop Resistant

The housing structure of SolarAmp B prevents water drop from entering.
*It is not waterproof.

Impact Resistance

SolarAmp B has high impact resistance. It has been drop tested from a height of 7 meters.

Night Detection Function

The models with night detection function automatically output to the load from dusk to dawn. The function is suitable for lighting systems such as security lights.

Easy to Install and Use

No installation settings are required. Automatically start after connecting the battery, photovoltaic module and DC load.

*Recommended cable size
10A Models: #12 to #18AWG
20A Models: #10 to #12AWG

Multicolor LED Indicator

Green, yellow, and red, three-colors LED indicates charging status, warning or error.

Low Self-Consumption

The low self-consumption current brings long-term stabilization and increases system performance.

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